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Asphalt Batching Plant

Moon Engineering produces Asphalt Batching Plant of special modular design. Then it gets processed with the most advanced available technology and each batch represents the highest quality of component.

Standard configuration of our system is perfectly matched to the capacity, production demands and site requirements. Although these systems rarely need any custom configuration but they can be customized upon specific requests.

Major component of a batch plant includes a cold-feed system, asphalt cement supply system, aggregate dryer, mixing tower, and emission-control system. The plant tower includes a hot elevator, screen deck, hot bins, a weigh hopper, asphalt cement weigh bucket, and a pugmill.

Aggregate is stored in stockpiles, and then placed into cold-feed bins, which proportion it by size. The aggregate is then transported on a gathering conveyor belt to a charging conveyor, which lifts it to a large drying machine. This dryer operates on a counter-flow process, meaning the aggregate moves counter to the flow of heat. The aggregate enters the upper end of the dryer and moves down the rotating drum. The burner is located at the lower end of the drum. As the aggregate material moves through the dryer drum toward the burner it is heated and removed of all moisture. The hot and dry aggregate exits the dryer and enters a bucket elevator that lifts it to the top of the mixing tower.

Once the bucket elevator reaches the top of the tower the aggregate is sorted by a set of vibrating screens and held in hot bins. The aggregates of varying size are proportioned and then fed into the weigh hopper. In another tank, asphalt cement is being poured and prepared to mix with the course aggregate in the pugmill.

First the hot and dry aggregate pours into the pugmill and starts a dry-mix. A few seconds later, the asphalt is poured in and wet-mixes with the aggregate. Mixing continues until all the aggregate particles are covered with a thin film of the asphalt cement material.

When mixing is completed, gates at the bottom of the pugmill open to release the hot asphalt mix. It is either loaded directly into a hauling truck or storage silo.

The plant is also equipped with primary and secondary emission-control equipment. A primary dry collector or knockout box collects dust particles so they are not spread into the air. A wet-scrubber or baghouse is often used as a secondary measure to remove particulate from the exhaust gases that flow out of the dryer and send clean air to the atmosphere.

Often recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) is included in the mix. If this is the case it is stored in a separate bin and is added to the mix through screw conveyor at the bottom of the Filler elevator.

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Plant Capacity @ 3 % Moisture Content TPH 128
Batch Size Kg 1600
Cycle Time Sec 45
Cold Feed Bins No of Bins*/ Capacity Nos/ mᵌ 4/29.2
Charging conveyor Capacity Tph 140
Thermo Drum Dryer (L x D) Mtrs 8x2.1
Drive Type 4 W Friction Drive
Burner Type High Pressure, Fully Automatic, Modulating
Fuel Diesel/ Furnace Oil
Capacity MW/ hr 14.1
Hot Elevator Capacity Tph 140
Filler Elevator Capacity Tph 21
Screening Unit Screening Method Inclined Circular Vibration
Number of Deck 4
Screening Capacity Tph 140
No. of bins   4
Weighing Unit Aggregate Hopper Capacity Kg 1600
Filler Hopper Capacity Kg 300
Bitumen Hopper Capacity Kg 225
Mixer Unit Type Twin shaft hot oil jacketed
Filler Hopper Capacity Kg 300
Bitumen Hopper Capacity Kg 225
Primary Type Centrifugal Double Cyclone
Secondary Type Bag House Filter
Bag House Filter Reverse Air Flow*
Filter Area 330
Control Panel Type Fully Computerized with manual over-ride
*Optional Available      
Filler Silo Capacity Range Mᵌ 3 / 7 / 11
Bitumen Tanks Capacity Range Mᵌ 15 /25 / 30 / 50
Heating System Direct heating/ Thermic oil heating
Thermic Oil Heater Hot Oil Heater Capacity Kcal/ hr 300000 / 500000
Hot Mix Storage Silo Capacity Range Mᵌ 12 -50
Control Panel PLC / SCADA

Note: In order to constantly improve its products, Moon reserves the right to change the foregoing specifications without notice.

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