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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Moon has one of the most comprehensive ranges of asphalt batch mixing plants and continuous parallel flow drum mix plants available anywhere in the world, providing customers with a wide choice of sizes and configurations in either mobile, transportable/modular or customised fixed factory arrangements.

Moon offers the complete package for bespoke design, fabrication, installation and service providing all asphalt solutions including fibre-additive systems, recycled asphalt pavement introduction and large-capacity mixed-material hot storage facilities.

We undertake the following process in order to deliver road construction machineries and equipment.
Parallel flow drum mix plants consist of a cold-feed system, asphalt cement supply system, drum mixer, surge or storage silos, and emissions control equipment.

Cold-feed bins proportion the aggregate. The amount of aggregate drawn from each bin is controlled by the size of the opening at the bottom of the bin and speed of the feeder belt. The aggregate is then transported on a gathering conveyor which is capable of weighing the aggregate and determining the speed of the belt together, these two values help establish the wet weight of the aggregate in tons per hour. This helps decipher how much bitumen & cement will be needed for the mix. Further moves through a Vibratory screen, and then transferred to a charging conveyor.

The aggregate then enters the drum mixer, which works with a parallel flow system, meaning the exhaust gases and aggregate move in the same direction. Essentially the burner is at the front of the mixer, where the aggregate enters the machine. As it travels through it is heated, removing all the moisture.

Aggregate reach the mixing zone, asphalt cement is pumped in. The materials mix together and exit the rear of the mixing drum onto a conveyor to transport the asphalt to a storage silo.
Emission control equipment is attached to the rear of the mixing drum.

Ashphalt Drum Mix


Double Drum and Counter Flow Asphalt Plant in Ivory Coast

Cold Feeder Unit

Modular designed M.S. structure chases and M.S. plate hopper body [ .. ]

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Double Drum and Counter Flow Asphalt Plant in Nigeria

Dryer and Mixing Unit

Modular designed chases with adjustable jacklegs for slop setting [ .. ]

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Double Drum and Counter Flow Asphalt Plant in Ethiopia

Burner Unit

Two/Three nozzles type pressure jet burner with high-low intensity offers [ .. ]

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Double Drum and Counter Flow Asphalt Plant in Guyana

Filler Unit

Modular designed structure and hopper for filler storage. Controlled discharge [ .. ]

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Double Drum and Counter Flow Asphalt Plant in Kenya

Control Unit

PLC based fully automatic, computerized controls. Both automatic and manual [ .. ]

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Double Drum and Counter Flow Asphalt Plant in South Africa

Bitumen Tank

Fully insulated tank body offers minimum heat losses. Two way heating coil designed [ .. ]

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Double Drum and Counter Flow Asphalt Plant in Malawi

Fuel Storage Tank

Construction from M.S. Plate with necessary charging and discharge [ .. ]

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Double Drum and Counter Flow Asphalt Plant in Uzbekistan

Pollution Control Unit

Venture system provided for higher efficiency. Brass spray nozzles for anti-rusting[ .. ]

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Double Drum and Counter Flow Asphalt Plant in Rwanda

mix storage silo

Fully insulated to maintain mix temperature. Hydraulic hopper provided at inlet[ .. ]

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  M-DM-35 M-DM-45 M-DM-50 M-DM-60
CAPACITY (TPH) 30-45 40-60 60-80 80-120
CONNECTED POWER 72HP/54KW 89.5HP/68KW 122.5HP/92KW 165HP/125KW
Cold agg. feeder Storage capacity 32 MT 40 MT 50 MT 60 MT
Dryer unit Dryer drum Ø X L Ø1.10 x 6.0 mtr Ø1.20 x 6.6 mtr Ø1.50 x 6.7 mtr Ø1.80 x 7.2 mtr
Drive system gear box & fluied coupling 6" N U & C 06 7" FSM & C 06 8" FSM & C 07 9" FSM & C 08
Chain size & type 2" Roller Circumferential 2" Roller Circumferential 2.5" Roller Circumferential 2.5" Offset
High pressure jet burner - capacity 360 Ltrs / Hr 480 Ltrs / Hr 650 Ltrs / Hr 1000 Ltrs / Hr
Primary dust collector unit Multicone type 12 Cones 14 Cones 16 Cones 20 Cones
Load out conveyor Hopper capacity 750 Kg 1000 Kg 1200 Kg 1500 Kg
Bitumen Tank Capacity 15 Ton 18 Ton 20 Ton 30 Ton
Burner 30 LPH 40 LPH 40 LPH 48 LPH
Fuel storage tank Capacity 10 KL 12 KL 15 KL 15/20 KL
Filter unit Hopper capacity 1 cmt 1 cmt 15 KL 15/20 KL
Air compressor Twin lobe rotary compressor
Operating control unit Controls PLC / Microprocessor thyrestore type
Extra bitumen storage tank As per required capacity (12 KL / 15 KL / 20 KL / 30 KL)
Secondary dust collector Wet srubber type Wet scrubber / Beg house type
Mix storage silo unit As per required capacity (10 T / 20 T / 30 T / 50 T)
Control Panel PLC / SCADA

Note: In order to constantly improve its products, Moon reserves the right to change the foregoing specifications without notice.

Salient Features

Proper drying and homogeneous mixing of aggregate

Less fuel consumption

Proper asphalt coating and saving

Weather proof control panel

High production rate at low operating cost

Mobile or stationery

Healthy and spacious structure

Easy operation and minimize maintenance

Accuracy in quality control

Tailor made configuration can be offered on request

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